Imaducation Inc is a multifaceted organisation that develops and delivers educational programs, performance arts programs, parental seminars and charitable projects.

Learning Through Imagination: Imaducation Inc boasts a unique and effective learning framework. The structured workshops tap into children’s powerful creative energy and cultivate natural curiosity for science and art.

Imaducation Inc is a not-for-profit association under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act. It re-invests surplus capital into expansion of services to benefit children. Organisation’s founding members are talented educators with passion for maximising children’s developmental potential. The members bring decades of experience and depth of expertise in science, art, psychology and early learning and development.

Imaducation Inc is a registered charity. The Association’s growing charity portfolio includes projects for children’s hospitals and fundraising events for medical research.

Imaducation Inc always welcomes new members. Becoming an Imaducation Inc member will ensure that you are up to date on the information about all of our exciting events throughout the year and will provide you with an opportunity to get excellent deals and discounts on these events.  >> more

Triple P Program Seminars

Tilkin-Dilkin studio will be offering a series of Triple P Program seminars focusing on positive parenting. The seminars will be run by a child psychologist, Alina Kirievsky.

  1. The Power of Positive Parenting – 13 April 2013, 2.00pm
  2. Raising Confident, Competent Children – 4 May, 2013, 2.00pm
  3. Raising Resilient Children – 25 May, 2013, 2.00pm

Address: 51 Druitt Street, Sydney


The Tilkin-Dilkin Studio Project

Tilkin-Dilkin Studio Project is a program of workshops that help children learn through imagination. Early Learning principles combined with Theatre & Drama, Music, Math, Geography, to name a few, will create a unique environment enabling kids to learn, play, imagine... We offer a number of workshops in various age categories, as well as private one-on-one lessons.

All workshops are run every Saturday during school terms
First Lesson FREE

Further information: Timetable Term 1 | Enrolment Form | Workshops


FOR AVAILABILITY CALL:    0404 223 512 (workshops in English)
0400 231 249 (workshops in Russian)


ADDRESS: St Andrew’s Cathedral School, 51 Druitt Street, Sydney (closest station - Town Hall)

We also offer catering for kids during the lunch break hour. Pre-order your meals here

Tilkin-Dilkin Workshops offered in Term 1 (for Russian workshops click here)

Starting on Saturday, 9 February 2013

Early Learning and Development

Physical development and gross motor skills, interactive play and songs, introduction to baby, light infant and light toddler massage, introduction to dynamic gymnastics, development of perception, creative development, consultation for parents.

Ages 6-15 months old

 >> more

Ages 15-24 months old

 >> more

Ages 2-3 years old

 >> more

Physical Theatre

Ages 6-12 years old

Introduction of physical theatre concepts to children, by developing their understanding of the way the human body communicates. Characterisation and breaking down of a story and a character by analysing the art of movement. Development of creative problem solving skills, self-awareness and a healthy self-confidence. >> more


Ages 6-12 years old

Discovering, Creating, Delivering. The children will get an opportunity to become a character from a story or poem. They will be given real lines to learn and analyse. In groups, they will create their own little scenes independently, but with guidance from the tutor. >> more

Theatre Production 2013

"Alice in Wonderland"

We are excited to announce auditions for the studio’s yearly children’s theatre production... >> more

Musical Geography

Ages 3-5 years old

Come and join Tilkin-Dilkin on his exciting musical adventures around the world! We will come across different cultures and traditions, and we will definitely have lots of fun... >> more

Intriguing Mathematics

Ages 3-5 years old

Kids will take their first steps into a magical land full of wonder, called Mathematics where adventures and discoveries await them. >> more

Ages 6-12 years old

These workshops will be an acquaintance with the basics of mathematics: developing logical thinking, solving challenging puzzles and having fun interactively learning about this exciting and intriguing subject. >> more

Maths = Fun: Logical Thinking Skills

Ages 6-12 years old

Mathematics is a separate world, which allows us to better orient ourselves within the reality surrounding us. It is also the source of complex logical problems and puzzles, successful solving of which leaves us with unforgettable emotions, feelings of a winner and encourages confidence in our own abilities. >> more

Let's Play Chess

Ages 6-12 years old

Learn how to play the exciting game of chess, from the move of the pawn to Queen’s Gambit – all are welcome, beginners and advanced players. Children will learn and master the game of chess, they will unlock elegant puzzles, learn tricky moves and ‘lock horns’ in exciting and challenging battles. >> more

Private Lessons

We offer one-on-one private lessons & consultations in early learning & development, music education, art, and mathematics. These lessons are individually catered to your child's needs. >> more

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Tilkin-Dilkin Studio is pleased to announce that we have a resident child psychologist working on the premises every Saturday. Alina Kirievsky is a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist. >> more


The Rainbow Elephant Project

A series of Fun and Magical Story Time Specials for children that are both entertaining and educational...

The Rainbow Elephant project is one of the many projects of Imaducation Inc. It is an amazing initiative that was started by the volunteer members of the organisation several years ago and has now become a yearly event at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

The Rainbow Elephant workshops are run since 2008...  >> more