The "Rainbow Elephant" Project


Imaducation Inc and the Rainbow Elephant Project in the Southern Courier

In April 2008, Imaducation Inc launched the Rainbow Elephant Project. The concept for this project grew out of discussions with many mothers of young children and early childhood educators. We saw a real need for learning experiences for children that would enrich their cultural understanding of their complex world, enhance tolerance, and above all else help children uncover the fun in learning.

In order to make this wonderful idea a reality Imaducation Inc began collaborating with several teachers and non teaching staff at St Andrew's Cathedral School, who have volunteered to participate in the Rainbow Elephant Project in their spare time. The workshops conducted give children an opportunity to explore some unconventional subjects such as Greek Mythology, the Stories of Ancient Egypt, Shakespeare and many others in an atmosphere where these topics are presented as a fascinating adventure rather than a school lesson. The latest installment of the Rainbow Elephant Projects will be presented at the Sydney Children's Hospital as part of the play therapy programme during the school holidays. We are hoping that these workshops will provide the children receiving treatments at the hospital with a brief chance to forget about their pain and escape into a world of art, fantasy and fairytale.

On behalf of Imaducation Inc we would like to extend a thank you to Mr Sinovich, Ms Workman, Dr Diamadis, Ms Graham, Ms Ireland and Mr Bogos who have donated their time and skills to Imaducation Inc and the Rainbow Elephant Project. Their input has been invaluable and the project would not have been possible without their kindness, support and dedication.

For further information and descriptions of the workshops visit our Rainbow Elephant Project page.

We always need help and if you think you can help in any way please e-mail us.

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