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The "Rainbow Elephant" Project

A series of Fun and Magical Story Time Specials for children that are both entertaining and educational...

The Rainbow Elephant project is one of the many projects of Imaducation Inc. It is an amazing initiative that was started by the volunteer members of the organisation several years ago and has now become a yearly event at the Sydney Children’s Hospital. We are very excited about our collaboration with the Stephen Sanig Research Institute – an independent, not-for-profit, scientific research organisation. Established in 2005, the Institute commemorates the memory of Stephen Sanig, who tragically died of meningococcal septicaemia at the age of seven. Similar to the Institute, Imaducation Inc originally conceived The Rainbow Elephant project after meningo-encephalitis struck a little boy who then spent 3 months at the Sydney Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, he is now one of the leading actors in the organisations’ Tilkin-Dilkin Studio. Often, at the hospital, there are children suffering from chronic or life threatening conditions which force them to spend more time receiving treatment at the ward rather than playing with their peers. The Rainbow Elephant project aims to bring them some of that quality of life back. Working with wonderful organisations, such as the Sanig Research Institute, is helping us reach our goals. Every school holidays new and exciting workshops, activities, theatre performances and concerts are being conducted for the kids at the hospital who are too unwell to go out and enjoy the fun and magic of being kids. In the past, Imaducation Inc has carried out activities such as the Origami Making Workshop, Greek Mythology, Who is Afraid of William Shakespeare, Arts and Crafts, Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham Interactive Play Performance, Violin Concert for Kids and many more.

If you would like to contribute to this cause please visit our donations page or if you wish to find out how else you can help us with this project please email us:



Fairytale Land

Fairytale Land - games, stories, music making.

Presented by Diane Lenham (clarinet, ukulele, broom & bucket, voice-off instructions), Nina Kharakoz (piano accordion, assistance in reading secret signs, musical leadership)


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Christmas Concert

Enjoy some of your favourite Christmas Carols, and other exciting music from around the world.

Join us for some singing and dancing fun!

Presented by Nina Kharakoz, Diane Lenham, John Maddox, Darina Vassiliev


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Magical Winter Tale of The Twelve Months

Twelve Months is a traditional puppet show which takes you on a winter adventure full of wonder. A little girl, who finds herself in trouble, is helped by twelve brothers. Magic and the power of “good” will win in the end!

Presented by Lenka Muchova, Caitlin Maruno, Nina Kharakoz


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Festive Concert for Children

1. Music from all over the world

Presented by “Raduga” – Greg Dolan, Nina Kharakoz, Diane Lenham, Darina Vassiliev

2. Christmas Carols and the ‘Three Santas’ Show

Presented by Wayne Richmond & Co


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Punch and Judy puppet show

Horizon Theatre Company presents an exciting interpretation of the fashioned Punch and Judy puppet show for all to enjoy, so come and join us for a morning of laughter and fun. The Show will be performed by professional actors and puppeteers, Benjamin Kuryo and Ebony Halliday

Presented by Ben Kuryo, Ebony Halliday


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Fun with Paper Puppets

The children will be introduced to paper puppet making, through the story of the Gingerbread Man. At the end of this fun filled workshop, run by a professional artist and architect, Anna Klimova, each child will be able to take away with them a paper puppet, which they will create themselves.

Presented by Anna Klimova


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Treasures of China

We will go on a road of discovery of one of the most ancient and amazing civilizations in the world, traveling to China. We will play and talk, occupy ourselves with lots of activities, solve mysteries, tell fairy-tales, learn and try things. The Tibetan Plateau with its animals, the rivers of China, Beijing and the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, hieroglyphics, the Moon Festival, Chinese New Year are some of the things we will touch upon...

Presented by Darina Vassiliev, Nina Kharakoz


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Russian Fairytales

What we do:

  • We bring in Russian toys and cultural attributes,
  • We teach Russian games, dances and craft,
  • We tell and role play traditional fairytales,
  • We sing together: russian folk songs translated into English as well as common nursery rhymes translated into Russian,
  • We teach children basic Russian words.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Presented by Nina Kharakoz, Eugenia Druganova


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Fairytale Land

Meet Baba Yaga and her fur tail little helper in the fairytale environment. We will bake cakes, bring some water and light the fire in Baba Yaga's hut, and travel around the world playing music and having fun together.

Presented by Nina Kharakoz, Diane Lenham


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Guess What? You Could Become Famous!

Did you know that J K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter stories, was not famous until she wrote her first story? She was stuck on a train and started to write a story to pass the time. This was the start of Harry Potter.

Stories can be FUN!! YOU, too, can write stories!! Discover how good you can be at writing and telling stories. A fun workshop building stories together.

All ages welcome

Presented by Des Sinovich


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Music From Afar + Body Percussion Workshop

Music from all over the world (balcan, kleizemer, russian, french, jazz, some originals) gently played on the clarinet and the piano accordion with elements of tap dance; followed by a body percussion workshop for big and small, interactive and fun to do or watch.

Common nursery rhymes twisted with russian traditional fairytales, fun games and simple dances. Children learn about Russian traditional dolls such as Matreshka & varezhka doll.

Presented by Nina Kharakoz and Diane Lenham: The Tea Ladies


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Card Making

Is there someone you love or would like to thank? Or maybe you just want to say hi and put a smile on somebody’s face. Why not join me in creating your own handmade greeting cards. It’s colourful, fun and best of all – created by you.

Or are you a book lover? Create your very own bookmarks. I will provide the protective covers to keep them safe from drinks or food spills.

We will have fun together creating beautiful things.

All ages welcome!

Presented by Daniela Caraballo from Daniela Designer Cards


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Juggling & Clowning Workshop

Perfect for kids aged 7 and up, this workshop explores the basics of clowning and juggling - two cornerstones of the delightful art of circus.

Presented by Chris Wheeler


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Once upon a time…

- Reading Time Specials: interactive readings of children's books.

"Who Is Hungry for Green Eggs and Ham?" - Interactive reading of Dr Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham". Characters of “Green Eggs and Ham” jump off the page and take the kids on a fun and magical quest for green eggs and ham.

Presented by Darina Vassiliev & Alexander Polyanovskyi (Imaducation Inc)


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Salt Dough Arts

The kids will have an opportunity to play and create with salt dough. Using the salt dough the kids can make their own badges/buttons/sculptures which can then be painted and varnished.

Presented by Anna Klimova


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Amazing Origami

Learning the skills of folding origami and creating beautiful paper creatures and objects.

Presented by Etsuko Nagashita-Clonaris and Michael Clonaris in 2009, 2010, 2011

About Etsuko Nagashita-Clonaris: Etsuko has been a teacher of Japanese language at the International Grammar School for many years. She has retired last year but still runs regular holiday clubs at IGS. Etsuko and her husband also run a small business creating original origami jewellery pieces:


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World Music

A little concert for the kids.

Presented by Nikolai Dumin, a violin player who has performed in a Russian symphony orchestra for many years.


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Arts and Crafts Workshop

The children will play a chatter box game and learn how to fold paper to make their very own chatterbox. Using paint, stickers and colour pencils the kids will decorate the chatter boxes. Kids will also learn how to draw different animals and cartoon creatures and get a chance to exercise their creative writing skills by writing funny simile sentences.

Presented by Olena Vigovska




Chinese Calligraphy

Introduction to the ancient art of writing Chinese.

During this workshop children will:
- Learn the six main strokes necessary to create Chinese characters
- Learn the correct order to write the strokes
- Learn how to use brush and ink
- Be introduced to the most commonly used radical characters, the building blocks of all Chinese words

The schedule for the workshops could be as follows depending on the Play Therapy Programme schedule -
Workshop 1: How to write happy birthday and make cards
Workshop 2: How to make couplets for good luck and happiness
Workshop 3: How to write Chinese Numerals

Presented by Helen Sava

(Ages 7 - 12)

About Helen Sava: Helen studied at the Sydney college of the Arts and worked at Crawford's Casting (1999-2002) as an artisan making public sculptures. The most famous piece Helen worked on is the Anzac soldier by Allen Summervielle on the Anzac Bridge. After working at Crawford's Helen ran a sculpture club at International Grammar School (IGS) in Ultimo.


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Welcome to Artland: Drawing with Collage

Using memory to make drawings of familiar objects with an imaginary twist of cut paper collages.

Children will tap into their imagination and work with colour paper, magazines images, glue and pins to create collage drawings. Kids will use their memory as a tool to guide and inspire cut forms then assemble the shapes into a recognisable drawn form.

Inspiration can be drawn from familiar objects e.g. iPod, phone, cartoon characters, computer imagery, favourite toy, books, animals; draw from the every day visual world – look at everyday objects, dressing gown, plant, view from window, fruit, toiletries; use photographs to inspire a memory - family holiday, favourite place, pet, bike, reference books, website for pictures you warm to. Throughout the workshop kids will be encouraged to use their imagination to find an inner character of the work.

Materials: Card, Glue, coloured paper, magazines, scissors, pins, blue tack

Time Frame: one hour

Workshop Structure:
15 minutes set up (prior to class)
10 minutes Introduction and demonstration
25 minutes constructing collage drawings
10 minutes conclude class, review works
15 minutes tidy up (post class)

Presented by Susie Williams

(Ages 11 - 14)

About Susie Williams: Completed 2008 Fine Arts Degree (honours) with national Art school, Darlinghurst (Majoring in Drawing and Painting, minor in Sculpture). Passionate about colour, line and form, Susie creates drawn wall works in collage that harmonise with architectural space and stimulate the viewer’s perception. Susie’s work uses the symbol of the horse to explore complex ideas of space, history, myth, movement, memory and feeling.


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Magical Mythology

Story Time Special on Aesop's Fables.

•  Several Aesop's Fables will be re-told in a child-relevant context

•  Role-playing

•  Introduction to Greek artefacts

•  Arts and crafts activities

•  General discussion and question time

Presented by Dr Panayiotis Diamadis.

(Ages 5 - 11)


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Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Story Time Special on Myths and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

•  Stories based on Egyptian Mythology

•  Learning how to write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphics

•  Costume making and role-playing

•  Participating in a real archaeological digs

Presented by Dr Jillian Workman.

(Ages 5 - 11)


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Who Is Afraid of William Shakespeare?

Classical Literature Special on Shakespeare.

Are you afraid of Shakespeare? Why? You need not be!!! Come along and find out more about the man, his life, his work and the many myths about him.

•  Overview of the famous works of Shakespeare and the life of the man himself. Interesting, not very well-known facts about his life.

•  Demystifying Shakespearian language

•  Costume design, discussion about costumes in historical context

•  Role-playing, assuming roles of different characters from various Shakespearian plays

•  General discussion and question time

Presented by Des Sinovich - A former Shakespearian victim or a born-again Shakespeare fan.

(Ages 12 - 14 and 15 - 18)


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Welcome to Artland

Art workshop. Presented by Nicole Ireland.

Children have an innate ability to be creative and questioning, and it is through practical clay building activities that their imagination will be explored in the creation of under-the-sea creatures.

Using illustrations from Graeme Base's The Sign of the Seahorse , children will develop their own creature which lives under the sea.

Objectives of this activity are -

Providing opportunities for children to:

•  Use a colour illustration to help you make your own original sea creature

•  Learn how to form clay with your hands from a chunk of clay.

•  Learn to build on a clay structure

•  Learn to make a small pinch pot

•  Learn to roll clay coils and add to a mass of clay

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(Ages 5 - 12)


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"Once upon a time…"

- Reading Time Specials: interactive readings of children's books.

"Who Is Hungry for Green Eggs and Ham?" - Interactive reading of Dr Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham". Characters of “Green Eggs and Ham” jump off the page and take the kids on a fun and magical quest for green eggs and ham.

Presented by Slava Orel and Darina Vassiliev

(Ages 2 - 5)


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