Early Learning and Development (Russian)

Ages 2-3 years old

At Tilkin Dilkin Studio we are passionate about early learning and development. Our workshops are comprised of activities which are based on various methodologies of the early learning pioneers (Doman, Montessori, Lupan, etc), mixed into workshops, which are carefully structured, but which are just plain fun for the children.

Objectives of the early learning and development workshops:

  • Nourishment and development of the child’s character and emotions.
  • Building the confidence level of a child at each developmental milestone.
  • Development of the fine and gross motor skills.
  • Development of the abilities of the different spheres of the brain, in regards to speech, vocabulary, and imagination, aesthetic appreciation – for example, through introduction to various works of art.
  • Introduction of the child to the world around them using various mediums such as reading, painting, music, storytelling and various developmental games.
  • Encouragement of independent thinking, the ability to interact with other children and with adults.
  • Development of memory, concentration, initiative, thought process, (all psychological components and processes).
  • Identifying and developing a child’s creative abilities.
  • Introduction to and development of the concepts of social skills.
  • Strengthening a child’s overall health/wellbeing.

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