Ages 4-5 and 6-12 years old

A basic run down of drama workshops:

  • Warm ups include games like: Cat and Mouse, Zip/Zap/Boing, The Colour Game, Musical Statues, etc
  • Then we warm up physically with stretches and movement
  • Followed by voice, breathing and articulation exercises
  • Then a focus exercise to bring in the group: usually a group clap

Over the coming weeks we'll look into:

  • improvisation games to evoke imaginations
  • movement games that increase spacial awareness
  • reading texts of poetry, short stories, monologues, short plays
  • creating our own poems, short stories, monologues or short plays
  • working on own group and individual pieces to create a performance
  • performing those pieces at the end of the term

Throughout this process we shall be using The Eric Morris System techniques on judging how we feel about certain texts. We will also be using Vsevolod Meyerhold based movement to convey such feelings. Then integrating these into the final performances.

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